We work with clients to pinpoint the weaknesses in their technology systems and investigate custom solutions for their enterprise. We don’t push specific technology from one vendor over another in order to maximise our profits but take a more holistic approach. We aim to provide a range of solutions for clients to choose from so that the best outcome can be achieved.

We will always try to find the best and most cost effective solution for business that focuses on your core goals. Working within your budget, minimising interruption during system changes and only implementing change that can show a definite improvement are fundamental to our way of operating. We take on new clients if we believe we can make a difference to their organisation and have often been brought in when other IT providers haven’t been able to make the client fit their model rather than making a model that fits the client.

We have experience with:

  • Email server migrations (cloud and onsite)
  • Hybrid cloud migrations.
  • Hybrid email setup
  • Small business servers
  • Windows Azure
  • Office 365 migrations and maintenance (Microsoft Partner)
  • Remote support for business
  • Google Cloud
  • GSuite
  • Domain migrations
  • Security audits
  • Natural disaster recovery assistance
  • Remote area networking
  • Supporting IT systems in remote and rugged locations
  • Remote server deployment
  • Backup planning and monitoring
  • Training and teaching
  • POS Systems
  • Industry specific software packages (Legal, Real estate, Smash repair, accounting)
  • Terminal servers
  • Data recovery
  • Software deployment and imaging
  • Aeronautical software
  • Business machines
  • Business setup planning and assistance
  • AWS
  • Electronics
  • Satellite Systems
  • Radio Station support
  • Fishing fleet navigation systems